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Make sure you change out any old lamp shades that feel dated. New lamp shades can cost as little as $10 a piece at coastal furniture natural like Wal-Mart and they can make an old lamp feel like new. Just make sure the new lamp shade fits the style of the lamp. No matter how nice a shade might be, if it does not work with the lamp it will just look out of place.


Burning your books is not a great way to add fragrance to the air. You may also want to try a bowl of candles that float. Floating candles come in many shapes, as well as being scented, and look great on a coffee function cleaning.

Choose a gift according to the personality and taste of the person to whom you are giving the gift. For example, if the person loves to decorate their house then mantel decorations like crystal collectibles are best for them and likewise.

Does this mean the whole house, the free design ideas (Learn More Here) and what should I use to polish it with? You need to tell them to go and get the furniture polish and the dusting rag, under the sink and polish the furniture in the living room.

This color scheme is rare and is considered a more daring approach for the bed room interior design. Complementary or contrasting colors lie opposite each other on the color wheel. These colors generally inject life into the scheme and thereby in the entire room. While it is an interesting and bold approach, people should be careful here. Contrasting colors have a tendency to make a huge impact and they might not be so easy to live with if not chosen carefully.

We rented a bungalow with a slanting roof, dark, exposed beams and lots of windows. We moved in with just a few borrowed necessities and stacks of home interior design advice magazines and books. As I saw pictures of things that appealed to me, I would sit in different corners of the empty room I wanted to furnish and envisioned imaginary items in place. It was a great method to decide on my selection. Lime green and lemon yellow were very much in fashion then and probably would have looked ghastly in any of the other dwellings we had had. But in that house, with the dark beams, dark oak flooring and big windows framed by citrus trees, I could envision that it would look nice. And it did. It was a delightful home.